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Sharing video is always voluntary and privacy is protected, according to the company and police.

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Also be aware that you can’t schedule when the camera records.

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Five year agreements have become industry standards.

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You can monitor it as long as there is internet connection.

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Outdoor cameras are exposed to the elements, so check that the camera you want to use outdoors is certified for that purpose. Outdoor cameras should be weather proof, vandal proof, and come equipped with night vision. Other features might include a built in motion detector. It’s important to buy equipment that can stand up to your local weather conditions, be that extreme heat, cold, or moisture. Cameras are also exposed to anyone who approaches your home, so you should consider how your video feed is protected from vandals smashing the camera. Vandal proof cameras protect the camera lens from damage with a polycarbonate dome cover or metal housing. Just like indoor cameras, consider how videos are stored, when the camera will film, and the quality of the video. You will get the best outdoor protection from cameras with a wide field of vision, high resolution video, and continuous video feed that is uploaded to the cloud. A wireless doorbell camera can work as a stand alone device or in tandem with the rest of your security system. When someone rings the doorbell, it activates the doorbell camera. That video can go to your smartphone, computer, or to a screen inside your home.

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The last best wireless security camera system on our list is the Ring Spotlight Cam.

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